Fainting (Myotonic) Goats

Fainting goats don't actually faint, their muscles freeze up from Myotonia congenita. They are a meat goat but most people breed them for pets. They can be a medium to large size goat but most of ours are a medium size


This is Ruby in a full "faint"
Flint in a "faint"
Wolverine in a "faint"
Garnet in a "faint"


Goat Flower Farm Wolverine

IFGA #CP-86963-H

DOB 2/1012

Dam: Goat Flower Farm Bluebelle

Sire: Goat Flower Farm Mr. Tumnus

Tri-color with marbled blue eyes

Wild Acres Farm Flint

MGR # C7349

DOB 2/20/2015

Dam: Whitmore Farms Pepper MGR B8878

Sire: Liberty Hill Farm Reaper MGR B8826

Tri-color with Blue eyes

GFF King Louie


Dam: GFF Jane Doe

Sire: B's Barn Rum Runner

White and brown with moonspots

Bown eyes


Goat Hill Farm Calder


Dam:Green Pastures Maggie B7756

Sire: 2015 National Grand Champion PGCH Goat Hill Farm Hot Shot B5641

Red and White

Gold Eyes


Pahl's Farm Zircon

MGR#: D2137

DOB 12/29/2016

Dam: Crystal View Farm Amber C7351

Sire: Goat Flower Farm King Louie C3549

Tri-color with moonspots



Zircon's Show History:


South Mountain Fair: -Champion Junior wether Show 1

                               - Reserve Champion Junior wether Show 2 & 3

                             - Reserve Grand Champion wether show 1

Montgomery County Fair: -Junior Champion wether Show 2

                                      -Reserve Champion junior wether show 1



Pahl's Farm Jasper

MGR# D2138

DOB 1/11/17

Dam: Ruby C2000

Sire: Goat Flower Farm Wolverine





Jasper's SHow History:


Montgomery County Fair: -Reserve Champion Junior wether Show 1




Pahl's Farm Goats Pearl

IFGA #H-86959-H

MGR #C2001

DOB 2/2012

Dam: Whitmore Farm Hazel MGR B1052

Sire: Ricky

Tri-color with brown eyes

Pahl's Farm Goats Ruby

IFGA #H-86960-H

MGR #C2000

DOB 2/2012

Dam: Whitmore Farm Hazel MGR B1052

Sire: Ricky

Tri-color with brown eyes


Headacres Farm Baby Cakes



Dam:Headacres Gnarly #A1294

Sire: Cain's Fancy Fainters Travis #A2644

Tricolor with Brown eyes

Dry Creek Farm Sapphire

MGR # C4349

IFGA# H 87094 H

DOB: 2/25/2014

Dam: Dry Creek Farm Gwen MGR C1759

Sire: Whitmore Farm Victor MGR C1758

Tri-color with blue eyes

Wild Acres Farm Parsnip

MGR C3420


Dam: Moonlight FArms Bessie MGR A4887

Sire: Liberty Hills REaper MGR B8826

Black and White with brown eyes


Pahls Farm Goats Tanzanite


DOB: 1/17/15

Dam: Dry Creek Farm Faye MGR C1804

Sire: Goat Flower Farm Wolverine

Tri-color with blue eyes

Crystal View Farm  Amber
MGR C7351

DOB: 3/28/2015

Dam: Sundance Meadows Zoe MGR A9281

Sire: Wallace's Crazy Acres Sawyer

Red with blue eyes


Crystal Veiw Farm Garnet

MGR 7350

DOB 3/24/2015

Dam: Sundance Meadows Neytiri MGR A9282

Sire: Goat Flower Farm MGR C2884

Red and White with Brown Eyes



Garnet's Show History:


 South Mountain Fair: -Reserve Champion Senior Doe Show 1,2 and 3

                                -Reserve Grand Champion Doe Show 1,2 and 3

Montgomery County Fair: -Senior Champion Doe Show 1

                                      - Grand Champion Doe Show 1



Fallen and Cant Get Up Moonstone



Dam:Fallen and Cant Get Up Runt Runt

Sire: Buck Creek Red Rock

White with blue eyes

Pahl's Farm Opal

MGR# C8870

DOB 1/23/16

Dam: Pahls Farm Ruby MGR C2000

Sire: Goat Flower Farm Wolverine

Tri-color with brown eyes

Pahl's Farm Oynx

MGR# C8869

DOB 1/24/16

Dam: Pahl's Farm Pearl MGR C2001

Sire: Goat Flower Farm Wolverine

Tri-color with brown eyes

Goar Flower Farm Amethyst

MGR#: C8871

DOB: 3/21/16

Dam: GFF Lilac #1633

Sire: GFF King Louie #C3549

Brown with moonspots

Brown eyes

Goat Flower Farm Alexandrite

MGR#: D2139

DOB 3/30/17

Dam: B's Barn 6 Ways to Sunday B8746

Sire: Hillside Acres Blaze C7353

Red with white

Brown eyes

Parrish Pastures Agate

MGR#: D2136

DOB: 3/31/17

Dam: Woody Creek Farm Gold Dust C0940

Sire: Fern Hill Duke B9558


Brown eyes


Parrish Pastures Azurite

MGR#: D2135

DOB 4/3/17

Dam: Woody Creek Farm Opalila A6945

Sire: Fern Hill Duke B9558

Brown and white

Brown eyes

Purchasing information:

All kids will come with an application to be MGR registered. All you have to do is take pictures of each side of the goat and mail it into MGR with the application. The kids will already have their CD&T vaccine. If you do not want them to have the vaccine, please let me know. A $100 non-refundable deposit is required in order to hold the goat until weaning at approx 8-10 weeks of age. The remaining amount will be due at pickup. If you'd like your goat disbudded and it is under 2 weeks old, I can take it to the vet if you paid the deposit and the cost of the disbudding before the vet visit. If you have any questions, please email me at pahlshogs@gmail.com. We also do a $50 discount if you purchase 2 or more goats at the same time.