About Us

The Pahl’s now have hogs! Continuing on our grandfathers tradition, we started raising pigs in Spring 2010. The hogs are raised on our family vegetable farm in Granite, Baltimore County, MD. They live on pasture where they run around and supplemented with soybean meal, barley and corn grown in Granite as well. They are also fed fresh fruits and vegetables grown on the farm. When the hogs are ready they are butchered at M&M Meats, a local family owned and operated USDA certified butcher. The pork is vacuum-sealed and frozen, ready to sell!



In the begining, we purchased young pigs and raised them. Now we own our own boar (male), a sow (mature female) and several gilts (young females) to breed and raise all of our own pigs. We raise yorkshire hogs mixed with Duroc. Yorks are a light pink color and durocs are red, both breeds are known for thier top quality meat. 

Our first litter! 6-28-2011
Pennys piglets 9-11-2012