Meet our Flock!

We have 100+ chickens of all ages on our farm. Some are older and have stopped laying but they still enjoy walking around the farm, and most that are currently laying! We have many breeds of chickens including: Red Star, Rhode Island Red, Gaint Cochins, Barred Rocks, Ameraucana, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Necked Neck (Turken), Brahmas and some mixed breeds. We have all shades of brown eggs as well as green eggs! We also have guineas which are nicknamed the watch dogs of poultry. If any predators come around they go crazy and scream and sometimes even attack the predator. We have a problem with hawks eating the chickens and so far the guineas have kept the hawks away!


The ducks enjoy playing in the kiddie pools and free ranging with the chickens. Duck eggs have gotten more popular over the last couple years. They are great for eating just like chicken eggs as well as baking. They make baked goods richer and fluffier.


Our chickens are free range and hormone and antibiotic free!