On December 25, 2012 I got what has been on my Christmas list for 20 years! A horse! The next day we picked up Blitzen, a miniature horse gelding! Blitzen is too small for riding but he has his own harness and cart that he uses to give us cart rides.

In April of 2013 we rescued a big pony from being shipped to Canda for meat. Bandy is technically a pony but she is almost horse sized, so we ride around the farm! Her and Blitzen are best buds, and she has even given pony rides to kids!

Bella is white Percheron draft horse! She is a big girl and is very gentle, despite her size! Her and Bandy enjoy trail riding around the farm together. Bella took her last run in the pasture on Aug. 12th, 2016. She passed away with her horse friends and human friends around her in the pasture.

In Dec 2015, we adopted Ivan from Lilly Pond Foal Rescue. He is a standardbred that used to harness race. Lilly Pond Rescue got him from New Holland and rehabbed him. Now he enjoys rail rides around the farm and Patapsco State Park.