Product Price List

Bacon (Cured, approx. 1 lb. Packs)           $12.49 lb.

Center cut sliced ham (cured)                 $7.49 lb.

Hams (cured)                           $40.00 each

Bone-In Loin Roasts                    $10.99 lb.

Bone-less Loin Roasts                                                 $11.99 lb.

Shoulder Roasts                             $7.99 lb.

Shoulder Butt/ Boston Butt Roast.                       $7.99 lb.

Bone-in pork chops (pack of 2)                    $10.99 lb.

Bone less pork chops (pack of 2)                 $11.99 lb.

Sausage (bulk and rope)                  $7.99 lb.

Breakfast Little Links                                                    $9.99lb

Special sausage (keilbasa, chorizo, andioulle)               $8.99lb

Ground Pork                                                                $7.99 lb.

Spare Ribs                         $7.99 lb.

Baby Back Ribs                         $8.99 lb.

Country Style Ribs                      $8.99 lb.

Tenderloin                        $19.99     

Bacon Ends                         $12.49 lb.

Ham Hocks                        $6.99 lb.

Feet, Liver, Heart, tongue, tail                $2.99 lb

Leaf Lard                                                                      $2.99 lb.



Payment options are cash, credit card, venmo, PayPal or check ($25.00 bounced check fee)


The butcher we use is Wagner Meats, Carroll County, MD

Phone: 301-829-0500





Some of our products: Sausage, ham slice, pork chops and ribs