Product Price List

Bacon (Cured, approx. 1 lb. Packs)           $10.49 lb.

Center cut sliced ham (cured)                 $6.49 lb.

Hams (cured)                           $25.00 each

Bone-In Loin Roasts                    $6.99 lb.

Bone-less Loin Roasts                                                 $7.99 lb.

Shoulder Roasts (Bone-in)               $7.99 lb.

Shoulder Butt/ Boston Butt Roast (Bone-less)        $7.99 lb.

Pork chops , Bone-in (in packs of 2)               $7.99 lb.

Pork Steaks (bone less pork chops)              $10.99 lb.

Sausage                           $6.99 lb.

      Sage, Sweet Italian, Pork, Hot Italian

      Available in link or bulk

Breakfast Little Links.                                                                         $8.99lb

Ground Pork                                                                $6.99 lb.

Spare Ribs                         $6.99 lb.

Baby Back Ribs                         $7.99 lb.

Country Style Ribs                      $7.99 lb.

Tenderloin                        $18.99 lb.                        

Bacon Ends                         $10.49 lb.

Ham Hocks                        $4.99 lb.

Feet, Liver, Heart, tongue, tail                $1.99 lb

Leaf Lard                                                                      $1.99 lb.



Pork Bundles: 25 lb of mixed kinds of sausage,         $150.00 each

ham slices, ribs, a roast, bone in and boneless pork chops and bacon 


Roaster pigs: $3.25 lb live weight

                    $50.00 Delivery fee if making a seperate trip to butcher

                               (If Im already taking pigs to the butcher there 

                                 is no delivery fee)

                    $50.00 Butcher fee


                      There's a $50.00 deposit when you order the pig. I'll

                       take the pig to the butcher on a Monday and the

                       following day (Tuesday), Ill call the butcher to find

                       out the weight. I'll let you know the cost and      

                       it'll have to be paid for before you can pick up the 

                       pig that week. When you pick up the pig, you pay

                       the $50 butcher fee.


Half and whole Pigs: Half $3.50 lb live weight

                              Whole $3.25lb live weight

                              $100.00 deposit


                       There's a $100.00 deposit when you order the pig.

                       You call the butcher to discuss with them how 

                       you'd like the pig cut up. I'll take the pig to the

                       butcher on a Monday and the following day I'll

                       call the butcher to get the weight of the pig. I'll

                       let you know the cost of the pig and will have to be 

                       paid before the pork is picked up from the butcher

                       2 weeks later. The butchering is included in the price

                       per pound.


Payment options are cash, credit card, PayPal or check ($25.00 bounced check fee)


The butcher we use is M&M Meats in Manchester, Carroll County, MD

Phone: 410-374-2884

Address: 3278 Main St. Manchester, MD 21102 





Some of our products: Sausage, ham slice, pork chops and ribs